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AG-150 / AG-300 briquette machines

The machines press an “infinite” briquette which is then cut to equal length.


The AG-150 and AG-300 briquette machines can process various materials, including sawdust and shavings, at speeds up to 190 kg / 400 kg per hour.



The mighty AG-150 - AG-300



ag-150-long-briquetteHopper capacity: 220l / custom size
Average Output: 150 kg or 300 kg per hour
Length: 1700 mm (without the cooling rail)
Width: 720 mm
Height: 1350 mm
Weight: 350 kg / 850 kg
Power input: three-phase, 12.2 kW, 32 A / three-phase, 20kW, 64 A





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