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Universal Furnace – PH Heat

Ideal for workshop halls, small workshops, warehouse or even a greenhouse.

The maximum coverage 400 m3.


PH Heat furnace heated biomass may be of different origin, such as: briquettes, wooden logs, offcuts, coal, shells of coconut, barks, branches, manure, vegetable oil or used kitchen oil and the like.

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  • Financial savings
  • Very simple operation
  • High efficiency
  • High performance
  • The possibility of using solid fuels
  • Easy and quick change of the fuel type
  • Adjustable power
  • Quiet operation





  • Maximum performance – up to 30kW
  • Continuous control of the boiler
  • Oil tank volume: 21 litres
  • Hot air blow: 2030 m3 / h ( fan 145W )
  • Connection to the flue: diameter 160 mm
  • Body thickness – 5 mm
  • Large door – easy to clean


  • Dimensions : 129 x 90 x 80 cm
  • Weight : 120 kg



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We offer a 12 month warranty.




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