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A-TYPE 40,60 & 80 Automatic Briquette Machines

Powerful automatic briquette machines designed for medium, single or multi-shift operations.


  • Output rate:  up to 40, 60 and 80 kg/h respectively
  • Hopper:  1m3 by default (up to 6m3 at extra cost)
  • Ideal for pressing sawdust, shredded paper, cardboard, straw, hay and other biomass


The A-TYPE range of hydraulic briquette presses is designed primarily for application in small or medium-sized joiner workshops. The briquette press serves the purpose of processing wood waste with a moisture content of 8-15% in order to produce briquettes (fuel) from sawdust, wood shavings, shredded paper, cardboard, straw, hay and other biomass, using a hydraulic ram mechanism. The briquetting process reduces the volume of waste material by up to 90%. The benefits are savings in the storage area, the creation of a dust-free environment and easy transportation, all of which is achieved without bonding material.



Material types suitable for briquetting

  • sawdust, wood shavings
  • wood and paper dust
  • shredded cardboard and paper
  • milled biomass
  • chaff, straw
  • waste from impregnated material – DTM, MDF




Advantages of the A-type briquetting presses

  • High briquette quality – provides a high quality of combustion (low briquette residue) and maximum possible fuel efficiency
  • Resistance to failure combined with a long operating life – application of high-quality materials for the manufacturing of the press mechanism, its robust design, as well as modern technology and high-precision machining
  • Ease of operation – the entire process of briquetting is controlled by a computer
  • Inspection and maintenance – oil level reader and a counter of the machine hours are standard features of A-TYPE presses
  • Low operation cost – low-consumption motors reduce the electricity costs to a minimum


Standard equipment

  • electrical switchboard with a control computer for unmanned operation of the press
  • automatic regulation of the length and quality of briquettes
  • piping system for transporting briquettes to the packing site
  • level mark of the hydraulic oil tank
  • screw feeder of material to the pressing chamber
  • extracting cutter on the hopper bottom
  • emergency entrance port on the hopper wall



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