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B300 Briquette Machine – Fully Automatic

Powerful automatic briquette machine designed for medium and large, single or multi-shift operations.


A compact machine with a modern control, and reliable hydraulic pressing system enabling maximum compaction of the material. For continuous operation, they are equipped with an oil cooler by default.


Automatic regulation of the briquette quality ensures consistent output regardless of the character of the material. The minimum level sensor controls the automatic start and stop of the operation.


Output rate: 250 – 360 kg/h
Power input: 23kW, 400V
Weight: 1,590 kg
Dimensions: 2260 x 2250 x 1360 mm
Briquette diameter: 55 mm
Briquette length: 50 – 80 mm
Maximum operating pressure: 160 bar
Noise emissions: 78dB


Standard equipment:

  • 2m3 hopper
  • Briquette output nozzle (2 plastic curved tubes)
  • Minimum level sensor
  • Inspection door
  • Oil cooler


Input material should meet these conditions:
Moisture content up to 15%, dimensions smaller than 15 mm and bulk density of at least 70 kg/m3


Input material suitable for briquetting:

  • sawdust, shavings and dust from different types of wood including tropical species
  • rape and grain straw, milled power plants, flax and hemp awn
  • shredded paper, paper dust
  • textile dust and short fibres
  • industrial high-volume or dust waste from exhaust systems
  • polyurethane, some types of composite plastics


Briquette properties
The briquettes have a shape of a cylinder of diameter 55 mm, length 50 to 80 mm, the heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg. They can be used in all types of stoves, boilers and incinerators for solid fuels.
The volume of waste is reduced up to eight times by the briquette process and consequently waste transport and storage are easier and cheaper. The big benefit of the briquette presses is the utilisation of waste and reduction of dust in plants.

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