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PH PRO Briquette Machine


PH PRO Briquette Machine is a three-phase, compact machine suitable for small and medium workshops, joinery and carpentry, farms, mills, gardeners, timber shops, etc.



The PH PRO briquette machine is capable of processing up to 20kg of material per hour (material dependent).


It is a compact, unique, affordable press with no wear-and-tear parts (you only need to change the hydraulic oil regularly (i.e. once a year)).


The machine is versatile – it is capable of processing different wooden waste – softwood, hardwood in the form of shavings or dust, but also shredded straw, paper, cardboard, etc.


Quality of its briquettes is comparable to much larger machines costing two – three times the price. The binding process is done purely by pressure and heat (no additional binders are necessary). The heat releases the natural binders in the material, helping the compression process which is done by a hydraulic ram.


The machine comes with 12 month UK warranty, after-sale and after warranty support.

Technical information:

  • Supply voltage: 3-phase 400V
  • Power input: 5.3kW
  • Capacity of production: up to 20kg/h (material dependent)
  • Dimensions of briquettes: 5cm diameter, variable length
  • Hopper capacity: 100 l
  • Working time : 1 shift
  • Dimensions of machine: 190cm x 50cm x 110cm
  • Weight: 160kg


Operating conditions:

Briquette material moisture limits: up to 18%
Compacted briquette density: up to 700 kg/m3
Briquette length: 20 – 60 mm (material dependent)
Maximum operating pressure: 8 t
Hydraulic system max. operating temperature: 50° C
Briquette material: biomass waste, i.e. sawdust and shavings up to size of 10 mm



Additional information:

Packaged on a pallet.

Warranty 12 months with after-sales support

Spare & repair parts offered

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