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Portable band saw



Handy, rigid and efficient – it will stand up to expectations on every construction site and every carpentry workshop.


The machine thanks to its aluminum construction is relatively light in comparison to its dimensions. Big guide plate, optimally placed weight and widespread handle make the operating of the machine exceptionally easy. Thanks to the special slots in the table the line of the cut are always visible to the machine’s operator. Double-sided cutting capacity makes the tilt of the saw blade redundant – the kinds of possible operations are limited only by the operator’s imagination and experience.


The industrial brushless motor that doesn’t need any maintenance, despite its relatively low power, provides for high efficiency while keeping the costs to the minimum.


All these features, together with an excellent price, make RPP 290 the best of its kind.





  • Cutting height: 300 mm/11.81 inches
  • Primer guide wheels: 204 mm/8.03 inches
  • Saw band length: 1710 mm/67 inches
  • Blade width: 6-20 mm/0.23 – 0.78 inches
  • Motor: asynchronous 0.75kW
  • All Aluminum saw
  • Thrust bearings web: cemented carbide
  • Protection class IP54 1-phase
  • Speed: 1410 r / min. (RPM)
  • Rated voltage: 230 V/110 V
  • Cutting speed: 900 m / min.
  • Weight: 18.75 kg
  • CE marked




  • Curved and complicated cuts
  • Backs and profiles
  • Curves and joints
  • Cross-cutting – transversal and longitudinal

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