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PH Briquette Machine (single phase) – professional


PH Briquette Machine is quality made, single-phase, compact, and economic machine suitable for small and medium workshops, joinery and carpentry, farms, mills, gardeners, timber shops, etc.

Example Briquettes the PH Briquette Machine produces:




↓ Financial Benefits of using PH briquette machine ↓

Estimated annual income from production and thermal energy profit




* The following example illustrates how cost effective the PH Briquette machine is:


Potential annual revenue from production:


10kg of briquettes per hour (on average), 8 hours a day = 80kg per day = 400kg per a 5 day week = 40 x 10kg bags per week.


Selling 10kg for £4 gives a weekly revenue of £160 x 46 weeks / year.

Average annual working weeks including annual and Bank Holidays equating to possible annual revenue of £7,360.


Other benefits / savings per annum:

Landfill tax: £40 per ton

Annual production of waste 18.4 tons: saving you £736

Skip hire + manipulation £80 per ton in average: saving you £1,472




briquette average production quantity and revenue:
time kilograms 10 kg bags (£4 each) value (£)
1 hour 10 kg 1 pcs £4
1 day (8 hours) 80 kg 8 pcs £32
1 week (5 days) 400 kg 40 pcs £160
1 year (46 weeks) 18,400 kg 1,840 pcs £7,360


Additional savings:


type item amount value (£)
cost saving Landfill tax saving 18.4 tonnes (£40 / ton) £736
cost saving Skip hire+manipulation 18.4 tonnes (£80 / ton – average) £1,472
Additional annual savings in total £2,208



Profit from thermal energy


Aside from sales revenue and saved skip hire and landfill fees, any briquette machine will pay for itself in less than a year based purely on thermal energy produced from its briquettes.


PH briquette machine example:

Average production of 10 kg per hour (1kg of briquettes = 6kW) = 60 kW = £2.83.

This is thermal energy (UK gas units) worth approx. £5,200 per year minus £920 of consumed electricity.



+ possible landfill tax and skip hire savings (i.e. + £736 + £1,472 respectively).



Technical information:

  • Supply voltage: single-phase 230V
  • Power input: 3.55kW
  • Capacity of production: up to 15kg/h (material dependent)
  • Dimensions of briquettes: 5.4cm diameter, variable length
  • Hopper capacity: 45 l and 90 l
  • Working time : 1 shift
  • Dimensions of machine: 170cm x 51cm x 100cm
  • Weight: 124kg


Operating conditions:


Briquette material moisture limits: up to 18%
Compacted briquette density: up to 700 kg/m3
Briquette length: 20 – 60 mm
Maximum operating pressure: 8 t
Hydraulic system max. operating temperature: 50° C
Briquette material: biomass waste, i.e. sawdust and shavings up to size of 10 mm




Additional information:

Packaged on pallet.

Delivery time: 3 -10 working days

Warranty 12 month with after sales support

Spare & repair parts offered




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