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PH logger machine – log maker / cutter and log splitter (all in one)



PH logger machine allows you to both cut and split wood.
The machine can cut up to 20cm in diameter and the splitting length is up to 40cm.
The machine is driven by two electric motors that supply the machine with enough power to handle even the toughest of woods.
Working with this machine is both fast and comfortable.
This way the time necessary for preparing wood for winter is reduced considerably.



Technical Specification:


Power supply:saw 3.7kW + hydraulics 2.2kW (400V)
Length of a log before cutting:up to 2m
Length of split logs:up to 40cm
Maximum cutting diameter:20cm
Splitting time:11s
Saw disc:60cm
Dimensions (HxWxD):120 x 99 x 160 cm





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