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PH22 Pellet Press Machine



The machine is capable of processing different wooden and biomass waste

The binding process is done purely by pressure and heat (the heat is generated through friction).


The PH22 pellet press machine is able to process on average 85kg of material per hour (with the maximum of 100 kg per hour (material dependent)).


This way the machine produces 60 times more energy (thermal, in the form of pellets) than the machine consumes in electricity, i.e. the machine will pay for itself within one month on the thermal energy only (plus it may save more money by reducing skip hire and landfill fees, making the return of investment even faster) (* subject to usage).

PH22 Pellet Press Machine highlights:

  • 12 months warranty
  • after-sales and after warranty UK based support
  • spare parts available

PH22 Pellet Press Machine technical parameters:

  • Type: PH
  • Power input: 2.2 kW
  • Supply voltage: single phase (220V)
  • Output rate: 70 – 100 kg/hour
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Dimensions: 720x780x380mm (H x W x D)
  • die: Ø 120mm, hole 6mm

Materials and pellet usage

Depending on the input material, pellets can be used in many different areas, from feeding animals to heating of buildings. The main advantage of using pellets compared to the raw materials is their ease of handling, the lower space requirements and longer shelf life. Pellets can be prepared from various organic materials. The process combines the raw material to solid and durable pellets, the residual moisture content of the material should be between 12% and 15%. The particle size of the raw material should be no larger than 4-6 mm. If you want to process the raw material with larger particle size (e.g. shavings), you should reduce the size of the particles by a Hammermill.


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