Machines Aiding Environment

Use machines that pay for themselves within one year (or faster).




New PH Briquette Machine

The most popular, compact, single-phase briquette machine for small and medium workshops, joinery, carpentry, farms, mills …

Now with a larger hopper and improved safety features.



Fast return of your investment – the machine will pay for itself in the form of briquette sales and on the saved skip hire and landfill tax or purely in the form of generated thermal energy within one year* (find out more)



The smart way to turn wooden or biomass waste to financially and economically valuable fuel.



* subject to the amount of processed waste


A-TYPE 30 briquette machine

for those who want or need a more convenient, fully  automatic, one-button-operation system:



One button operation fully automatic A-TYPE briquette machine


A compact, affordable, fully automatic briquetter with low power consumption. Our goal was to design a press with the utilisation of new technical solutions which would not decrease its quality and properties, but would substantially reduce its price while keeping low consumption of electric power.


Read more about it here: A-TYPE 30 Briquette Machine


What type of material you can process

wooden and biomass briquettes


You can process any wooden waste:

  • sawdust
  • wood shavings
  • sander dust
  • softwood
  • hardwood
  • plywood
  • chipboard
  • MDF, etc.

Paper and biomass material (i.e. straw, bark, hay, grass, manure etc.) too.


About Us


We are a team of professionals dealing with the economical aspect of the UK ecological situation solution. We deal with this aspect from the point of view of a single person in relation to society. Our main philosophy is based on the principle of synergy: the interaction of multiple elements in a system produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects; in short this may mean that one plus one equals three.


There is a hidden potential behind the ecological issue with biomass / wooden waste.




Money-wise, this potential can be utilised, by using affordable technology, into a product with certain market value. This means that you can reduce or even remove waste management and landfill expenses, gain a valuable product at the same time (wooden briquettes in this case) and reduce the heavy load we put on our environment in two important areas:


  1. You will not contribute to the landfill.
  2. The energy and heat gained from briquettes, i.e. from waste, will replace the energy needed to generate heat from limited sources of our planet.

International briquette machine supply



We help individuals and companies internationally when it comes to briquette machine systems.


As a supplier, we’ve delivered briquette machines within the UK and Ireland but also to the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Israel, Europe – Gibraltar, Spain, France, Greece, etc.


We continue to advise and help customers get the best and yet affordable briquette machine for their needs, be it small joinery, large factory or a hobbyist / craftsman who needs to get rid of wood waste in a sensible manner.