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Briquette machine benefits

Financial Benefits  – profit from sales or from thermal energy

* The following example illustrates how cost effective the PH Briquette machine is:


Potential annual income from briquette sales:

10kg of briquettes per hour (subject to input material), 8 hours a day = 80kg per day = 400kg per a 5 day week = 40 x 10kg bags per week.

Selling 10kg for £6 gives a weekly revenue of £240 x 46 weeks / year.
Average annual working weeks including annual and Bank Holidays equating to possible annual revenue of £11,040.



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Environmental Benefits from using briquette machines

Briquette Machine produced briquettesWooden Briquettes are an ecological 100% renewable biomass fuel.


They are made from compressed sawdust and wood shavings or other biomass waste – there are no additives or binders used during the production process. It is the temperature and the pressure applied to the lignin within the wooden material during production that makes a natural binder. This makes the product Clean And Green.


Wooden Briquettes are carbon neutral to the atmosphere … read more



Personal Benefits from using briquette machines

Wooden briquettes are suitable for your home as well as your workplace or business workshop with a wide range of the usage:


  1. open fires
  2. wood burners
  3. multi-fuel stoves
  4. Rayburn and Aga stoves
  5. Wood Burning Heaters
  6. Hot Water boilers Chimneys
  7. BBQ
  8. camp fires


Wooden Briquettes’ further advantage is that on top of lots of the heat generation, … read more



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