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Personal Benefits from using briquette machines

Wooden briquettes are suitable for your home as well as your workplace or business workshop with a wide range of the usage:


  1. open fires
  2. wood burners
  3. multi-fuel stoves
  4. Rayburn and Aga stoves
  5. Wood Burning Heaters
  6. Hot Water boilers Chimneys
  7. BBQ
  8. camp fires


Wooden Briquettes’ further advantage is that on top of lots of the heat generation, they are clean to handle and store and produce an aesthetic flame with a golden glow.


Wooden briquettes do not spit and spark unlike conventional logs so are much safer to use as a fuel for open fires.

Once burned, the ash ( <0.5% ) can be utilised in the garden as manure.


Money saving tip

If you decide to change your old boiler, there is a government grant scheme contributing up to £2,000 towards a new biomass boiler. Click here for details.


Wood-fuelled (biomass) stove with a back boiler is a stove that provides not only direct heating for the room (like a conventional stove) but also hot water to run one or more radiators as well. In some instances biomass stoves with back boilers are used to provide domestic hot water as well.


It is definitely an affordable solution and even though the price of wood fuel varies considerably, it is often cheaper than other heating options.


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