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How can I set up the PH briquette machine?

  1. Switch on the button next to the digital control panel.
  2. Adjust the recommended temperature for the material you’ll work with by the buttons under the display:

  3. Start hydraulic motor by the green button under the yellow cover.
  4. Check piston movement. The movement must be quiet and the piston centred. If the piston touches the inside wall, centre it by 12 metal nuts on the back.
  5. Move the clamp 1 inch from heater element (if it already isn’t in the position) and tighten it up slightly.
  6. Load the hopper with your material.
    ! Important: DO NOT USE metal, concrete, stone, bricks, larger wooden pieces over the input material limit.
  7. The density of the briquettes can be adjusted by the clamp. Tighten the clamp when briquettes start coming out from the die.
    ! Important: Do not tighten the clamp too much – piston must always be able to push through.


Mixing blades won't turn - what should I do?

Change the 1.25 A / 1.6 A fuse near the control panel. The engine may stop working if there is a larger piece of material in the hopper or if the hopper is filled with extra heavy material. The fuse protects the engine from potentional damage.

What can I do if I block the chamber?

  1. Stop the hydraulic motor.
  2. Release the clamp.
  3. Adjust temperature to 300 ° C.
  4. Take all of the material out of the hopper.
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes and switch on hydraulic motor.
  6. If briquettes start coming out, set-up the machine normally again.
  7. If the chamber is still blocked, remove the material from gaps on tube from both sides and clean mouth of the chamber from the hopper side.
  8. Start the hydraulic motor. The piston should push the blocked material out.
  9. Set-up the machine as usual afterwards.

How can I adjust the temperature and the alarm on the control panel?

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