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Pay less on a finance plan than you would pay for an outright purchase


Briquette machine and a good finance plan are the perfect match:





Tax relief applied to the finance plan reduces the net cost and thus saving you up to £2,600 *
compared to the outright purchase.

(* subject to the sale price of the briquette machine)



What’s more, because the briquette machine produces value in the form of briquettes (i.e. source of thermal energy or income), this value offsets the amount of monthly lease or loan instalment. This way the finance option with the tax relief makes minimal impact on your cashflow.



For example, if you decided to lease the PH ECO briquette machine for one year, you’d pay an equivalent of approximately £100 * per week (+VAT) and the machine would produce briquettes worth around £240 ** (in thermal energy terms – calculation is based on equivalent of the standard British Gas rate), or £240 ** if you decide to sell the briquettes (at £6 per 10kg).


Alternatively, if you’d want to spread the cost over more years, it could be as low as £5 per working day * (daily equivalent within 5 year lease).



Bear in mind that the above calculations are for the entry model briquette machine. Faster machines like PHM600 Mechanical briquette machine will generate value worth over 4 times your monthly instalment * (in the first month and every month thereafter **).



A briquette machine generates much higher value than your instalments will be so essentially you will have a machine and get money each month on top of that.



These are the main advantages of taking a machine on finance:


  • Fixed rates for the duration of the agreement
  • Major tax benefits – each payment Is 100% tax deductible
  • The equipment can be earning your next payment from day one
  • No need to have bank loans, overdrafts or pay cash
  • Fast application turnaround
  • Spread the cost of your equipment purchase
  • Protect existing lines of credit and preserve cash flow for business growth




If this solution is the one for you, feel free to contact us for details:

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    * the actual instalment or its weekly / daily equivalent may differ depending on the current rates of our leasing / business loan partner and the actual lease / loan agreement.

    ** subject to usage, i.e. actual briquette production time at least 8 hours per working day


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