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Agro I. Briquette Machine


Briquette Press for professionals


For farmers, joinery, carpentry or as a new business opportunity.


Input material: paper, wooden dust, straw, should be mixed with other material like paper, leaves, bark, branches, …


  • Maximal humidity to 20%, fraction up to 2 cm
  • Central power 5 kW
  • Maximum power 8.8 kW
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x1.4×1.8 m, basic runway length of 3 m
  • Capacity 80-100kg/hour
  • Diameter of briquettes: 85 mm with a central hole, length: 50-500mm
  • Calorific value 15-19Mj/kg




Our briquette technology uses mechanical and chemical properties of materials. Using high-pressure, it compacts the material without added binders. The machine can produce fuel from biomass, such as joinery and sawmill waste in combination with wooden dust, leaves, bark, hay or straw or waste from cereal and rape straw, flax, cotton, corn and elephant grass and paper.


The calorific value other fossil wood briquettes is in the range 17-18 MJ / kg of paper 15 MJ /kg of straw and 16 MJ / kg.


Warranty 12 month.


Spare & repair parts offered.


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